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another dusty visit!

These past couple days have been good.  I've been spending my last week or so doing rewrites for chapter four since I was having a hard time getting into drawing the pages.  And if I don't enjoy drawing the pages, it's a bad sign for the reader!  I'm happy to say though, that everything worked itself out and the script is good as gold (except for some more tinkering halfway through chapter six, but there's still time for that...!).

And so, to celebrate I thought I'd share some badly shot photos of a couple things that have been keeping me smiling while I toil away at S&S2.


First of all, Ben came by again with Dusty, his chow chow puppy.  He still looks like an ewok (Dusty, not Ben...):

Do you see a resemblance? 

Tonight we made shabu shabu again and watched Clive Owen talk about Children of Men on Charlie Rose using our Wii's internet connection.


I also cleaned my desk in preparation for the chapter four mini marathon.  I have to do this every time I start a benchmark in a project, because the desk gets really messy and hard to work at.

And of course, the real reason for my smiles... ;)



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