Two -- count 'em -- TWO art posts in a row!  ... Don't worry.  I won't make this a habit.

This is straight up 2B pencil on smooth bristol.  Chapter one sample illustration for the book I'm working on:

Also, a photo of me and my l'il bumpkin from a day ago:

The weather in LA has been amazing.

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*cough cough*

Hi, LJ.  I am still alive, actively updating my twitter account (of course!).  Don't worry, you haven't missed much.  I only started tweeting a couple weeks ago.  Of course, most of my friends on LJ also have twitter accounts and are already following me so this is really old news....

Anyway, I have finally gotten around to uploading a drawing, and here it is!  It is a china marker study for a larger piece I plan on doing.  I really enjoyed using the china marker, it is very forgiving.  :)


Those are all characters in my latest book project (except the demons are kind of random).  Yes, the dolphin is included!  I really love drawing them and they're so much fun to write.  I'm still tweaking and perfecting my manuscript before sending it anywhere, so don't hold your breath!  It'll still be a long while before it sees the light of day.

In other news, our son Juni is doing great.  He is now 4.5 months old, and his personality is really starting to show.  He's curious, very observant, and likes to be with people.  Maybe all babies are like that, but this is what I've noticed about him!  You can see recent pictures of him on the flickr account I share with Kazu, if you'd like.

Obviously, I won't be updating this website all too often.  I still want to give the whole thing an overhaul.  I even have a design set up!  But finding the time between writing my book project and taking care of Juni in order to update my website is unrealistic.

For now, please add me if you use twitter (username: @Merofi), and I will continue to post sketches when available.  See you there!

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Ever The Student

Things I am learning as I hammer in my final draft...

-Don't be afraid of fixing things, even if it'll take another several months to get it done
-Have faith in your ideas
-Remember you're new at this
-Make every paragraph interesting
-Treat every mistake as an opportunity to improve
-Think faster
-Be bold with your opinion on your work
-It's okay to disagree
-Don't stop until you reach 100% completion
-Think like a reader
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Had to post this somewhere.

I just finished the manuscript to my new chapter book series (hopefully it'll be a series). I feel pretty good about it.  I still like reading it despite having read it a billion times, so I hope that's a good sign.  Still need to fill it with fun and colorful illustrations, then we'll see what comes of it, if anything.

I'm not posting any images yet or samples... so... I dunno what the point of this post is.  I just feel really....

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For the last two years, I felt like I've been in a cave in my mind. It's like whatever firey young woman I was in NYC just vanished and I became a happily zoned out "girl". I don't know what spawned it: having a terrible experience working in comics, getting married, moving to Cali... But I needed to just stop everything, drop my pencils, reconnect to prose writing, and learn how to cook. I needed to go into a coccoon away from publishing, ambition, career.

During that time I wrote over 1000 pages worth of Rema in prose. I became pregnant, and I had a baby. I started a new project that I have a feeling I'll be working on for a long time, and I did a lot of yoga.

Now that my baby boy is here, I feel like it's time to move on. I'm edging my way out of that cave and the weather is inviting. I look down at my new body and new spirit, at my new creative mind, and I'm transformed into something stronger, smarter, and more confident.

Practically speaking, me and my family could be in a better position with many things, but there is good reason for to feel like 2010 will be an awesome year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


...was so awesome. What a difference from the preview! The 3D is amazing and the story makes me feel like a little kid again. It was way cheesy but totally enjoyable. Can't wait to see it again! Lots of potential for sequels.
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